The Case of Natalie Wynn, Truscums, And TERFs: The Most Unfortunate Alliance

Political Youtuber Contrapoints, also known by her real name of “Natalie Wynn,” is a face of left leaning Youtube, especially for transgender people. She's published a multitude of videos about gender, transitioning, Alt-Right organizations and groups, the full spectrum you'd expect from a left leaning political youtuber. However, Natalie also has an active Twitter account (@contrapoints) where she lets her thoughts be known and such. This is where she recently unveiled a few of her own opinions: Natalie holds transphobic and truscum beliefs, often held towards trans men and non-binary people.

Her most recent incident was after she replied to a tweet from user @theorygurl, who claims “OF COURSE trans women experience male privilege before transition are you out of your entire mind.” To many people, this statement almost makes sense, yet it leaves out a few key details. For instance, most of this privilege isn't used by trans women because they have to live in fear of being outed. They also may face marginalization because they're not seen as conventionally attractive, or they might be people of color. Said user went on to claim “this is important bc i would bet good money that not only are there plenty of trans women who experienced male privilege before transition, but also many of them, esp those exposed to feminism, transitioned as a way to atone for that privilege.” This is blatantly transphobic. Trans women don't transition to “atone for that privilege,” they transition because they are women, yet are viewed and born as men. They don't atone because they're exposed to feminism, they transition because feminist ideologies provided them a way to learn about transitioning, and told them about being transgender. This is similar to an argument used by many transphobes where they say media or trans people entering the mainstream “turns people trans,” when in actuality, these people are just introduced to a way to say who they are. She then goes on to agree with a statement where @theorygurl says “a broken clock is right twice a day” in relation to transphobes. While this can be true, it isn't with transphobes. It's hard for a digital clock to be right once a day when it reads “88:88”.

And yet, this isn't the worst of her statements she has made. Natalie made a video titled “Aesthetic”, which came under fire due to making some pretty suspicious statements that came across as very truscum-esque. For the uninitiated, truscum are a group of people who believe that, in order to be trans, one must have dysphoria. This is horribly incorrect, as gender and physical form have no correlation (one is identity, the other is presentation), and there are still feminine trans men and masculine trans women who are mostly fine with their appearance, and don't suffer with much dysphoria. This also usually coincides with enbyphobia, where “you can't just say you don't feel like a man OR a woman, you can't have dysphoria” or similar such statements, which I can personally attest to being wholly incorrect.

To bring things back on topic, Natalie posted a twitter thread in response to the Aesthetic video, a thread which is now deleted. One of the statements in that thread was “I'm sure this is not the experience of many NBs. I leave it to them to articulate what NB existence looks like in a binary world. I do not and cannot speak for them. But surely an account that begins and ends with “I'm not a man because I don't identify as one” is pretty weak.” This is textbook truscummery. This is the exact argument they use to decry non-dysphoric trans people. This is an exact argument they use to shut down non-binary people. She makes it painfully evident that she does not like non-binary people, and that she stands for having to qualify oneself as being “trans enough.”

Do not stand for Contrapoints. She is making a statement, and that statement stands in the face of accepting so many people who looked to her as a source of information and validation. She was in prime position to be what the left political Youtube scene needed, yet she threw it away in favor of being a toxic person in favor of erasing those she once said she was and stood for. It's a complete disappointment to me and so many of my friends who once stood by her as fans because of her content.

I would post her more recent tweets but she blocked me after calling her a transphobe and truscum /shrug.