So, You Wanna Play Magic Find

In PoE, a long running build archetype is that of good ol magic find. This is a build that sacrifices utility and survivability to run burial chambers at the speed of light and drop four exalts in the process. This sounds like the greatest build of all time, and to many people (including myself), it is! However, successfully building MF is going to take time, currency, patience, and a willingness to run enough burial chambers to put slipperyjim to sleepĀ¹. So let's talk about building it.

Weapon: Bows vs Wands

The two major archetypes of MF characters are bows and wanders. Both builds host similar clearspeeds, but the main difference is in MF ability, skill choice, and cost. For a wander, the most expensive piece of gear you will need that is not in the bow version is probably a Lycosidae. Piscator's Vigils, your main weapon, go for a fusing, barely anything in the grand scale of PoE. Meanwhile, the Lycosidae goes for about 30c as of 10-8-18 on DSC. However, bows get to use the Windripper. This is one of the best bows in the game, and it also has a STAGGERING 15% increased item quantity (IIQ), on all mobs killed by freeze. However, this comes at the steep cost of about 60 chaos, while also needing a quiver for better endgame DPS. Your main options for quivers that I've seen are:

###Verdict: personal preference, both specs run incredibly well

Quiver: Rigwald's vs Rare

Rigwald's Quills are one of the most common endgame quivers for bow characters, purely because it allows free, easy forking. But, at a HEFTY 6.5 EXALTS you're not going to afford it for a while. My recommendation would be a iLVL80 Shaper Quiver, or just a rare quiver with good resistances because, as you'll see when we look at our gear later down the line, you're going to be resistance starved.

Verdict: honestly just use a rare. You miss out on some dps but can use the slot to account for resistances which you desparately need if you're running certain gear specs.

Belt: Perandus Blazon vs Bisco's

This one isn't as heavily contested a slot. Both of these belts are filthy cheap, and you can easily try them both out and see what you prefer. If you prefer the DPS increase of rampage and need the cold res from Bisco's, run that. If you prefer the boost to IIQ and need the fire res from Blazon, run that. /shrug

Verdict: /shrug

Rings: White Socket Pariah vs Ventor's vs Le Heup of All

Level with Heups. Even on a non-MF character it provides all atts, all res, and is just a good ass leveling ring, use it and use it well. At endgame, your biggest choices are going to be between Ventor's Gamble and a Pariah that has been corrupted with a white socket. If you're res starved from the rest of your gear and you need some life, you might want Ventor's. However, do not forget that a good Ventor's will run you 2-3ex. If you can sacrifice the res, putting two white socket Pariah rings in will give you 10% IIQ over max roll Ventor's which is FUCKING BONKERS. However, uncorrupted Pariahs are about 70c on DSC, and a bad corrupt tanks the price down to almost 5c. Meanwhile, grabbing a pre-white socketed one will run you 4-5ex. I personally plan on running Ventor's on my MF characters, but with better gear and a lot of money, I'll likely be running Pariahs in due time.

Verdict: Pariah is hyper endgame and Los Optimales, squeeze it if you can. If you can't, there's no shame in running Ventor's or even Heups until you can.

Amulets: Bisco's vs Shaped vs Greatwolf vs Spinefuse*

This is the key point of discussion of MF characters. What amulet you run is a vital question, and is dependant on a number of factors. I could write an entire article on this alone. In fact, I will. 10-10-18, be there or be a damned fool.

Verdict: patience is a virtue, padawans.

Flasks: should I run a divination distillate

Verdict: nah, not worth sacrificing a utility slot

Ascendancy: PF vs DE

Pathfinder has more consistent runspeeds, while Deadeye has higher DPS and has better spikes in run speed due to Tailwind stacks. Honestly this is again all just personal preference, run whatever you prefer. Personally, I'd run pathfinder as I love getting lots of flask effectiveness and exorbitant amounts of evasion from a Jade Flask of Reflexes.

Uncontested Gear Slots: Helmet, gloves, boots, and chest

For the chest, 9/10 times, you'll be using a Queen of the Forest. Both bows and wands have really poor moveskill choices, and the ability to get frankly obscene amounts of movement speed through high evasion, something you build and spec for heavily, is hilarious. You gloves will be a Sadima's Touch because you get IIQ. Your boots will be Goldwyrm for movespeed, fire res, and, you guessed it, IIQ. Your helmet will probably be a Devoto's Devotion because of movement speed.

Gearing for MF isn't as hard as I make it out to be. I lied, a little bit. It's a little hard and there's lots of decision making but in all honesty it comes intuitively as soon as you know what you're looking for. All you have to do is run another build until you have about 10ex saved to get your full endgame gear. : ^ )