Did Sky Strikers and Altergeists Need To Be Hit?

Following YCS Chicago and the HUGE SURPRISES THAT TOOK PLACE (NO ALTERGEISTS IN TOP, LUNALIGHTS WINNING) I think it's the Perfect time to return to a discussion that was massively popular when the January F&L list first hit: Do Sky Strikers and Altergeists need to be hit on the list?


But I still feel like there's a massive gaping hole where certain hits should have been. This engine has powered multiple FTKs, drove Fairy Tail – Snow to be banned, and played an integral part in the victory of Lunalights at this YCS. That's right, I'm talking about Danger!s. Now before then let's talk about why it's okay that Sky Strikers and Altergeists got off scot-free.

The answer is simple. They're strong, but healthy and not overwhelmingly strong. While sky strikers had their dominance hitting Hornet Drones took them down enough of a peg to bring them into fairness. Altergeists in and of themselves aren't an overwhelming powerhouse and more thrived as anti-meta decks. While multifaker impermanence is still an incredible strong “stop playing” move it's not game breakingly so.

Now, about the Danger!s. Dangers are played in decks as copies of Upstart. People will play ten-twelve danger monsters just to have access to incredible deck thinning, but is this healthy for the game? While it does give lower tier decks more access to their one key engine card, I honestly have to say no. Dangers, while may be mostly docile for now, have already reared their ugly head in DDW FTK and the theorized DTD builds that'd get massive +s off Fairy Tail – Snow, allowing you to Book of Moon your opponents entire board at little cost to you. While they may be okay for now, what they could do in future is a terrifying thought, and as such I feel as though Dangers need to be hit sooner, rather than later. With the Dangers in the game, Konami has to design decks around them being a splashable engine, much like 3 drones skystriker. This heavily inhibits the way Konami can move the game forward as one small oversight can lead to a destructive powerhouse of mixed engines like Trickstar Sky Striker or HAT. All we can hope for is that future sets don't blow the game open due to this one archetype.