So remember how I told you I'm gonna spend an entire article talking about Magic Find Amulets. Yeah. This is that article. Let's go

Number 1: Bisco's Collar.

Bisco's Collar is the Amulet you will most likely be told to run by most guides, and with good reason. It gives up to FIFTY (FUCKENING FIFTY) percent IIQ...but only versus normal mobs. Now, normal mobs will be ~80% of your map pool if you roll an unqualitied, normal map. But you can already tell unqualitied normal maps are super inefficient because qualitying a map and rolling mods gives you more IIQ, IIR, and monster pack size, and if you want big loot, you roll double beyonded maps. But these will significantly lower the number of normal mobs in your map, and thus drops the effective IIQ increase of Bisco's. This is on top of the fact that most white mobs won't give you worthwhile drops in most instances, and you see where the question of “Which ammy do I run” really shows through. However, and I can't believe this is the case, but at 1ex this is easily the cheapest of the amulet choices presented. People far smarter than I have calculated the effective IIQ to be 12.5%, so with that point of comparison, lets look at our next option.

Number 2: Shaped Amulet with IIQ

Shaped amulets of iLVL85 or higher have a chance of rolling the mod “(8-10)% Increased Quantity of Items Dropped”. This is on top of the other mods it has and the implicits of the amulet and it's still able to be crafted for more mods including life, ES, attributes, and resistances. This sounds absolutely fucking fantastic, because it is! However, this comes with a Hefty Cost of around 5-10 exalts for a good amulet. This Is Not Cheap, and you will likely be unable to use something like this for a long fucking time. Do not plan for this, hope you can get it as a luxury.

Number 3: Eyes of the Greatwolf

This is the single most expensive thing you could buy on this character. Eyes of the Greatwolf is incredibly expensive and you CANNOT use blessed orbs to reroll the implicits to get something better. The cheapest ones with the IIQ mod goes for 5ex, with more going around the 7-10ex range. You HAVE to roll it with the IIQ mod which goes from 12-20 PERCENT JESUS. WHAT THE FUCK. GOOD LORD. The only problem is that you'll get No resistances from this, but you do have a chance to make some defenses, attributes, or Beefy damage mitigation. If you can get one of these, or drop it, it is the best in slot for pure IIQ, hands down, nothing else in the amulet slot gets even close to a Raw Twenty Percent IIQ.

Number 4: Spinefuse Talisman

The spinefuse route is one that is STUPID good with an implicit 6-10% IIQ, at the cost of only currently being available in standard and VERY RARELY in DSC. Talisman was not a very good league, and as such it didn't survive and go core. Talismans are also all inherently corrupted, meaning you can't craft them. This is a good budget option if available to you, but you can almost never plan to have one, let alone one that would keep you going long into maps without being able to even chaos roll them.


This is the hard part. For the most part, you will be using a Bisco's. Yes, it is the most inefficient of the lot, but it is easily the cheapest at an exalt most parts of the league. Chances are most of your time playing MF will be with a Bisco's around your neck. When you have a lot of currency you will likely start looking into a Shaper amulet, and this is what I think would be the best way to go about it. Getting 10% IIQ along with resists and other stats is as invaluable as it is expensive. If you wanna swag tf out, you can get a Greywolf but I wouldn't recommend it, and the exclusivity of a spinefuse means it's not a good choice unless in a league where talismans are abundant.

An addendum to article 1: Rings: Thief's Torment

It's great! Up to 34% tri res and a hefty 16% iiq at a cheap cost is great! The reduced curse effectivity is invaluable and the LGoH and MGoH are super great for survivability. The only problem is that you can't equip a second ring with it. If you can swing it, and can't get good Ventor's, I'd Highly recommend these as budget items.